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Vintage Wooden Confectioners Drawers

Vintage Wooden Confectioners Drawers

Gorgeous table top drawers that originated from a confectioners. 

These lovely drawers would have sat on the shop counter and held the sweets just as traditional jars do. 

They still have the grease proof lining paper in the drawers that held the sweeties. But the loveliest thing is they still have the labels on the side of the drawers bearing the name of the manufacturer, the product and the price per 1/4lb Even the little original knobs look like sweets. 

Measurements: 29 x 19.5 x 39cm tall. 

Styling Hint. . . 
Drawers are always useful around the house. These would sit on the top of the kitchen counter or dresser, on the cupboard in the bathroom and are so useful for all the little bits and pieces. They’re perfect for crafting.
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