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Vintage Bulgarian Terracotta Glazed Pot

Vintage Bulgarian Terracotta Glazed Pot


This stunning dark green Bulgarian pot was buried for years and dug up. It was covered in dried earth and once cleaned revealed this amazing colour and patina.


There are some knocks and chips on this pot as you can see in the images. These are what would be expected from its age, previous life and the fact that it was buried. However to us here at Saltmill Vintage that is what gives it its charm and character. 


I am unsure what this pot was used for, however from the shape of the top I imagine it may have had a cork in the top to seal it.


This pot makes my heart sing and looks gorgeous amongst a collection.


Measurements: 21cm high 9.5cm opening diameter.


Styling Hints. . .

Excellent in a display on a table amongst other pots. Great utensil pot. Stunning with a branch in it.

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