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Vintage Airbourne Medics Pannier (Prison Trunk)

Vintage Airbourne Medics Pannier (Prison Trunk)


This is a rare and unusual find in this condition.


This trunk is as an airborne medics pannier, which means it was made to drop from a plane containing medical supplies. The wooden label stating “Lightly Injured” possibly means that it contained supplies to tend to the lightly injured service men and women.


However, the labels tell another story!


The paper labels read HMP 67 and From MINISTRY of works O. H. M. S. (On Her Majesty’s Service), which shows that it has been used in a prison.


It is a great looking trunk with a very interesting, no messing, heavy duty locking hasp and some very intriguing history.


It still has the original canvas cover over the top, however this could be easily removed if preferred as it is just stitched strongly in place, though this is part of its history, so could also just be folded away down the back if stood by a wall.


It is lined in a type of faux leather, known at the time as “leatherette”


Measurements: 76 x 41 x 50cm high

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