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Rare Antique Hand Carved Hornbeam Barrel Scoop Circa 1800’s

Rare Antique Hand Carved Hornbeam Barrel Scoop Circa 1800’s


A rare antique hand carved Hornbeam barrel scoop most likely used for grain, or similar dried goods.


This was carved from the tree trunk of the Hornbeam, one piece of wood. This beautiful piece dates back to early/mid 1800’s possibly North American in origin.


It may have split during carving or maybe over time from use, however as these took so long to carve by hand it would be regarded as a valuable piece of equipment, so they would be commonly mended with chunky metal staples, as this one has been.


Hornbeam was the chosen wood as it is a very hard, so strong wood. If you look closely this barrel has a gorgeous pattern on it caused by a burr in the trunk of the original tree. Burr wood is highly valued.


There are initials on the outside some are carved like the G A in a carved heart and what appears to be $86. The other lettering appears to be burned into the wood, possibly with a poker, such as the monogram MHE


There are signs of historic woodworm, we have taken the precaution of treating this, however recommend if there are any doubts, it is done again for peace of mind!


Measurements: 40cm diameter x 40cm high.


Styling Hints:

Perfect for logs or throws. This would also look gorgeous in a bathroom with towels and natural brushes in.

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