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Large Vintage Coleman’s Mustard Delivery Box

Large Vintage Coleman’s Mustard Delivery Box


This is a very unusual shape and style of Coleman’s Mustard box.


Its construction is of both wood and cardboard. The sides being wooden and printed with a description of the contents. The front, base, back and lid are constructed from cardboard and wrap around the wooden sides to form the box.


This is most probably Circa 1910-1936 as it states by appointment to the King. I believe this would have King George V. The colours are very strong and vibrant. A fabulous addition to the home, with many uses and making a stunning decorative piece.


A quirky and I think funny little thing, is on the top of lid, during its life someone has written Evelyns Pots in pencil very neatly. This could possibly be erased however we think it is part of its character and history so have left that for the next owner to decide upon.


Measurements: 21.5 x 17 x 14cm high.

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