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Antique Gentleman’s Club Cigar/Ballot Box

Antique Gentleman’s Club Cigar/Ballot Box

This rare and unusual box is from the 19th century and would have been used by the butler in a gentleman’s club as a ballot/cigar box. 
The inside of the hinged lid bears the numbers 2 3 4 and at the rear of the box is a loop handle allowing for it to be carried around from member to member, by the butler with the lid up.
I believe it to be made from mahogany and it has wear commensurate with its age. In its past it has had a small repair to the inside back of two of the compartments.
This would make a wonderful gift for a husband, boyfriend or the like for the bedside table to keep watches or change in, or on a desk for all the little untidy things. Alternatively it would make a nice holder for bottles and necessities in a bathroom.
It is truly a rare little find and a conversation piece.
Measurements: 31.5cm long x 14cm wide x 8.5cm deep.
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