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A Rare 1930’s Chocolate Salesman’s Sample Case

A Rare 1930’s Chocolate Salesman’s Sample Case


An absolutely fantastic piece of history.


A rare chocolate salesman’s sample case. Folding up small to the size of a record case, once the front is let down and the bottom drawer pulled out, the other drawers can be opened out in a concertina fashion. All the see-through plastic covers are intact as is the document wallet attached to the inside front of the case.


This is truly a one-off piece, a very rare find and in excellent condition considering its age, circa 1930s.


Each drawer is made of wood and the folding mechanism is brass. Excellent quality, built to withstand its job. Made by Brookes and Sexton Ltd of Birmingham, under the trade mark Norco, which later became Brexton, famous for making high end picnic cases


Measurements: Closed the case measures 38 x 15 x 28 cm high. Open it measures 38 x 38 x 28 cm high.

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